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Welcome to the 724th Tablescape Thursday!

Before we get into today’s Tablescape Thursday, for those who have asked for it, I’ve added a printable version of the recipe I shared recently for these delicious Crunch Wraps to that recipe post. You’ll find that post here and the printable version of the recipe is right at the end of the post: Crunch Wrap Recipe.

Homemade Crunch Wrap Supreme


Soooo, though the garage is basically finished (I’m even parking my car there now) my breakfast table still looks like this.


And my dining room still looks like this. Why, you may ask. lol


I haven’t been able to move the dish storage cabinets back to the garage just yet because there is some touch-up painting and additional work that needs to be done and the painting company is saying that it will be another week to 10 days due to their schedule. Frustrating! They (the painting company) offered to help me move the cabinets back out to the garage, but if they do that, I still can’t put the dishes back in them since they would need to be moved out from the wall to make some of the repairs.

Storage Cabinets


I was thinking last night, I’m going to contact them to see if they can go ahead and send someone out to take care of the issues with the baseboard on this wall where the cabinets go. If not, I may try to fix the paint in that area myself today. Then I could go ahead and get the cabinets moved back out into the garage. When they come to take care of the other work that needs to be redone, they can just cover up the cabinets.

Garage Renovation, New Paint, Flooring and Lighting


One thing I will do differently when they are moved back is, I’m not going to put a cabinet back at the far left end of the wall right up against the garage door. After having the cabinets here for several years, that was the only cabinet that was showing some dust/debris inside and it’s because it’s right by the opening of the garage. All the other cabinets have stayed nice and clean. So this wall will only get 5 cabinets back, not six.

Cabinets for Storage, Garage, Basement, Laundry Room, Home


The plan is to move the standing tool chest a tiny bit to the left and place that 6th cabinet along with two more cabinets along the front wall. I’ve already purchased another cabinet, but still need to buy one more.

Full Garage Makeover, New Floor, Paint, and Lighting


I ordered one of the new cabinets a few weeks back and it’s been laying here in my entry for almost a month.


Since it was approaching the 1-month “return” period, I figured I’d better go ahead and assemble it to make sure there were no broken pieces.


If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you may remember that when I ordered these cabinets in the past, they kept arriving dented and chipped. One even arrived completely broken in half! The UPS guy said it was because they didn’t have the correct equipment to move them around their warehouse and load them onto their trucks.


Fortunately, this cabinet that’s the one with two drawers, arrived without any damage. However, it has other issues. See that stack of small golden brown panels on the floor on the right side of the photo below? Those are the sides of the drawers and two of them are not drilled out correctly. When assembling these cabinets you use cams and cam bolts to hold them together but I was unable to install all the cams because a hole on two of the drawer side panels wasn’t drilled out deep enough. Whatever machine Ameriwood/Systembuild uses to drill out the holes that hold the cams, must have been on the wrong setting that day in the factory because it was the same exact hole that was messed up on two of the panels.


Also, the head of one of the cam bolts was badly misformed. Instead of having a screw-type head, the head had been flattened out like a nail. You could still see the slightest hint of the cross design of a Phillips screw pressed into the head. I managed to get the cam bolt screwed in using a pair of pliers, but unfortunately, the drawer piece that is supposed to connect via a cam, would not connect since the head of the cam bolt was so badly malformed. In addition to the bad drawer panels and the malformed cam bolt, one of the door hinges was missing a screw that comes already installed in the hinge. Ameriwood is shipping all the replacement parts, Since they are coming from Ohio, they should arrive any day–then I can finish putting this cabinet together.


One reason I wanted to share this photo below with you is because I discovered something awesome while putting this cabinet together. Garage floors can be hard to crawl around on–hard on the knees. I remembered my exercise mat and brought it down. It worked great! I could crawl around on its cushy surface while working to install the various cam bolts, hinges, and drawer slides. I’m totally remembering this little hack for future furniture assemblies of any kind! lol


So today, I think I’m going to try and do the touch-up/repair work on the garage wall that will hold the cabinets because I’m ready to get those back in place. With the addition of a couple of more new cabinets, my storage will change a bit for the better! Currently, I have all my flatware and napkin rings in the top of one of the cabinets with drawers.

Flatware & Napkin Ring Storage Cabinet with Drawers for Napkins



With the addition of the cabinet I’m currently assembling, that’s exactly like the one above, I’ll be able to separate out the flatware containers from the napkin rings, placing all the napkin rings in the top of one cabinet and all the flatware in the top of a second cabinet. I’ve already purchased more containers so I’ll have room to add more napkin rings/flatware in the years to come. It will be wonderful having a bit of extra space to spread out because some of my napkin rings are kinda squished together right now.

Flatware Storage


A few weeks ago I purchased this flatware when I came across it for an incredible price on eBay. I was able to buy 8 place settings for what you would normally pay for 4. I have this flatware in a few other colors and love it! I don’t have any gray flatware and I think this will be pretty in future table settings.


One question I received recently was why don’t I just store all my tableware in the basement? The garage is super convenient because that door you see on the right is the door to the garage. It opens up right into my breakfast room, a place I often set table during the colder months. You can just barely see a breakfast chair on the left beyond the cabinets. The screened porch, another spot where I set tables quite often, is just past that chair.


Here’s another perspective…porch door is just to the right of the cabinet on the right. And behind me a few feet, you’ll find the door to the dining room. So having everything right there in the garage is super duper convenient. I would hate to have to haul plates and glasses up a flight of basement stairs each time I wanted to set a table. (Sorry this photo is so dark, I took it really early this morning so it was still kind of dark outside. Plus, the cabinets are blocking a lot of the natural light.)

Storage Cabinets


Fortunately, my garage stays quite comfortable temperature-wise year around I think that because it’s surrounded by heated/cooled spaces on four of its six sides. The bonus room is above, the laundry room and back staircase is behind the cabinets, the kitchen is across the front of the garage and the basement is below. So the only exposed wall(s) is the one across the front of the house and the garage door which faces east so doesn’t get any intense sun. I hope this answers some of the questions I get from time to time about why I don’t just store everything in the basement. This is just so convenient and easy to access.

Cabinet Storage Ideas for Dishware, Glassware, Flatware and Napkins


Can’t wait to share how everything looks once the cabinets are all back here in the garage! That day is coming!

Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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