Think I Finally Figured It Out & I’m Sleeping So Much Better Now!

A few months back I shared an experiment I was trying. I’ve been having issues off and on with my sinuses/nasal passages blocking up during the night and keeping me from getting a good night’s rest. For a while, I wondered if it was the mint in the toothpaste I normally use and I switched to a different toothpaste that didn’t contain mint for nighttime/bedtime brushing.  (Toothpaste available here: Citrus Flavor Toothpaste without Mint.)

Red Seal Toothpaste, Lemon Flavored


I thought I saw some improvement but I was definitely still having issues with waking up during the night a lot, always with a blocked nose. When you don’t sleep through the night, it really zaps your energy. We need our sleep to be productive and it can really make for a crummy day if you haven’t slept well the night before. So I continued trying to figure this whole blocked nose issue out.

The next thing I tried was a wedge pillow. A YouTuber I occasionally watch sleeps on one because it’s supposed to help reduce the occurrence of puffy morning eyes. I had also read that it helped those who had breathing issues while sleeping.

I tried two wedge pillows and couldn’t get used to sleeping on either one. I sleep on my back, always have, so that part wasn’t an issue. The issue I had with the first pillow was it was too narrow and my arms kept falling off the pillow. Super annoying. Also, it didn’t offer any support under the small of my back. Really uncomfortable!


The second wedge pillow had its issues, too. Though much wider which took care of the arms-falling-off issue, my body sunk into the center of it which caused my arms to slightly rise up on both sides of my body. It was a bit like sleeping in a long, narrow trough all night long–definitely not comfortable! After that, I gave up on the wedge pillow idea entirely.


I’ve continued to try and find an answer to my blocked sinuses issue. It seemed to only occur at nighttime. About 3 weeks ago I was searching online for more answers and I came across a very short article at the site mentioned in the blurb below.

Melatonin & Sinus Issues


It caught my eye because a few months back I had started occasionally taking a very small amount of over-the-counter Melatonin when I had trouble falling asleep at night. I probably averaged taking it once or twice a week. I never took the full recommended dose because I’ve learned over the years that my body responds really well to any medicine. For example, if I have aches/pains from overdoing it in the yard or working here around the house, I only take one ibuprofen, not two…and that always works.

After I came across this article online, I stopped taking melatonin altogether and my blocked sinus issues have almost completely vanished. Now when I turn in at night, my breathing is completely normal–no more stopped-up nose/nasal passages.

Melatonin & Sinus Issues


I’ve always, always been a night owl, my sister was the same way. I sometimes get a big burst of energy at night and often that’s when I feel the most energized and creative. Now when I can’t sleep, I usually get up and work on a blog post or something here in the house until I am so tired, I can sleep. It’s inconvenient since the melatonin did help me fall asleep, but it’s better than not sleeping well once I finally do get to sleep.

I am sooo relieved to have finally found what I think is the answer to my blocked sinuses at night and just wanted to share this in case it’s helpful for someone else.

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Author: Andy Edwards