Preparing for Spring and My Favorite Spring Finds, Both Home and Fashion

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So, I have a serious case of spring fever now. The daylight is staying longer and longer each day and the birds are chirping up a storm. Yesterday I cleaned out the last of the birdhouses, readying them for spring nesting. This was the one I cleared out yesterday and surprisingly, there was only one nest inside. Usually, I find 2 or 3 inside, but I think that’s been when the bluebirds have nested inside more than once and just moved apartments after the first nesting. lol


I’m not sure what nested inside this time but it definitely wasn’t a bluebird nest. It was all hard sticks/tiny branches–not a very cozy nest for baby birds.


Remember when bees took over one the apartments in the dovecote down near the house?

Bee Nesting in Dovecote


At the same time, I had a bluebird family nesting on the other side. You can see Mrs. Bluebird sitting on her perch in the photo below. I think this photo was taken just before the bees moved in across the hall. Amazingly, they all live harmoniously together throughout the summer. The bees never bothered the birds and the birds never bothered the bees.


I was expecting a huge mess inside when I cleared out the bee apartment a while back, but actually, it wasn’t bad at all. It cleaned up really easily. So all the birdie B & Bs are ready now for the new spring visitors. I hope the bees don’t decide to return for another stay because they didn’t like having humans around watering the bushes nearby. lol

Bees Nesting in Birdhouse


End of Fall Finds and Beautiful Spring Fashions–Plus, everything is on sale!

This weekend I’ve been checking out the sales. There are some really good ones taking place right now on both winter items and spring/summer clothes. If you’ve ever wanted a Barefoot Dream Throw, this is a great time to get one because they are currently on sale. I love this camel-colored one, you’ll find it on sale here: Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket.


Another fall-winter piece that’s drastically reduced right now is this beautiful fall cardigan. I have two of these in two different colors and love them. They are a nice, heavy weight, feel very high-end to me when I wear mine. Also, the style is very flattering since it’s nice and long and doesn’t cling to the body. I hate it when a sweater clings to the hips/bottom–not a flattering look. Currently, it’s on sale, marked down from $169 to$80.99. You’ll find it on sale here: Beautiful Cardigan in a Spice Fall Color.


I’m obsessed with this puffer jacket! I love, love, love the whimsical, floral design!


It comes in five different designs, including a color block, but these two floral patterns are my favorite. I just love them! I think I’m going to order this one below, I just love the design and it looks great with jeans. I live in dark denim jeans and dark-colored cords during the wintertime, so that should work well for pairing with it. These jackets were originally $260 but are now reduced to more than 50% off! You’ll find all the colors/designs it comes in here: Puffer Jacket.


Spring/Summer Finds

But what about for spring? I’m in love with this gorgeous linen dress! The design you see on the front is also on the back. Such a beautiful dress for spring and summer! It was originally $210.00 and is now on sale for $83.99. There’s also a 20% off sale going with the code EX20, but it may not apply to those items that are already on sale. You’ll find this beautiful dress here: Gorgeous Dress.


Love these blue and blue and white striped linen pants. I love linen for our hot, humid summers! These would be so perfect for a beach trip this summer!


The waist is designed in such a way, it looks really comfortable. They were originally $98 but are now reduced to $38.99. You’ll find them on sale here: Blue and White Striped Linen Pants


A friend of mine just purchase these pull-on denim pants. I wasn’t sure how I felt about pull on jeans but since I wear long tops with all my jeans, this would be a perfect style for me to try. Per my friend, they are incredibly comfortable. You’ll find them on sale 20% off here: Pull-on Jeggings without a Zipper. They also come in black denim here: Black Pull-on Jeggings and another style/color here: Denim Jeggings in Pull-on style. You can see all their denim styles here including my favorite jeggings: Denim Jeans.


Such a cute shirt! I love the accented cuffs done in a different fabric. This would be really cute under a light-weight sweater for those chiller spring days. It’s currently on sale 20% off here: Cotton Gingham Shirt.


This shirt is create in the same with the cute cuffs. Love that! You’ll find it on sale here: Floral Shirt with Accent Cuffs.


I just heard a YouTuber talking about these 14K gold plated hoop earrings recently. The reviews are awesome and the price is excellent. They are available here: 14K Gold-Plated Earrings.



I just ordered this rechargeable lighter today. I’m always using lighters here in my office and downstairs for lighting candles. It always feels wasteful when they run out and I have to toss them. I love that this one is rechargeable. It has great reviews so I decided to give it a try. It should arrive in a couple of days, can’t wait to try it out! You’ll find it here: Rechargeable Lighter.




I had a similar detangler brush but it didn’t have a handle so I ended up giving it to my grandsons. I really like the look of this one, plus it has excellent reviews, so I think I’m going to order it. It’s available here: Detangler Brush.


One more item I use a lot during the summer is these silicone drinking straws. They are nice and wide for easy sipping, unlike so many reusable straws.  I love the fun colors for spring and summer! They are available here: Extra Long Reusable Silicone Drinking Straw.


Do you have a case of spring fever, yet? I’m sooo ready!

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Author: Andy Edwards