Penhaligon’s Portrait’s Mansion and their Secret Sale Site


I’m working on a table setting for tomorrow’s Tablescape Thursday, but in the meantime, I wanted to share two awesome finds I’ve made over the last two days. As I’ve been exploring the Penhaligon’s website, I came across this fun, interactive Portraits Mansion/Museum.

Portrait's Museum, Penhaligon's


Penhaligon's Portrait's Museum


It’s a hoot with flying fish and other fantasies! If you need a bit of an escape from the worries of life today, check it out here: Portrait’s Mansion and Mr. Penhaligon’s Conservatory/Laboratory.

Penhaligon's Portrait's Mansion, Explore


Once you’ve finished exploring the drawing room, be sure to check out the conservatory/laboratory where you’ll find Mr. Penhaligon working on another amazing fragrance. 😉 I don’t know who thinks this kind of thing up for Penhaligon’s but I love it and I love them for doing it!

Penhaligon's Interactive Portraits Mansion


A Fantastic Discovery!

In my exploring around the site, I discovered that Penhaligon’s has a “Secret Sale” pite where they make their fragrances that are “unboxed” available for around 1/2 price. (Find the Secret Sale here: Penhaligon’s Secret Sale Site.) I’m guessing these are perfumes where the box was damaged in shipping or something like that. When I first tripped over it yesterday, the fragrances I was interested in were all sold out or not on the site at all. Ummm. I was wondering if they periodically update it so I decided to wait and check it again later. Yesterday evening I checked again and two of the fragrances I was interested in were on the site! Yes! I purchased those immediately since I knew they wouldn’t last long–they are both pretty popular scents. I purchased Lilly of the Valley…

Penhaligon's Lily of the Valley


…and I purchased Orange Blossom. In the reviews, I’ve watched on YouTube, both of these fragrances sound like what I love in a perfume/scent. I don’t normally make blind buys but based on the reviews on YouTube and other sites, I decided to take a chance. I’ll share some photos in another post sometime how the “unboxed” fragrances look when they arrive, in case you’re curious. Penhaligon’s boxes are special and beautiful, but for that kind of savings, I don’t mind missing out on the box for a few of their fragrances.


Penhaligon's Orange Blossom



The Penhaligon’s perfumes I ordered over the weekend are scheduled to be delivered today, love that fast shipping! The more I watch reviews on their scents, the more I fall in love with this brand. I wish I had discovered it years ago, I feel like I’ve been missing out! The Portrait’s Discovery set I ordered should arrive today and I can’t wait to sample every single fragrance inside! (Portrait’s Discovery Set is available here: Portrait’s Discovery Set.)


Penhaligon's Portraits Scent Library


I am completely enchanted with the design of the actual bottles from the Portrait’s Collection with their fun animal heads, so I know I’m going to want to order at least one or two of those. I wasn’t kidding yesterday when I said I had fallen down a rabbit hole! lol This has been so much fun!

See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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Author: Andy Edwards