Nature Themed Bird Prints for Paneled Living Room-Den

View into Living Room, Bird Prints, Paneled Walls

Okay, this is all y’all’s fault! Ha! So many of you left comments and emailed saying I needed to go back for the birdie prints I saw while antiquing a few days ago, I decided to take your advice and go get ’em. I was shocked by how heavy they were when I removed them from the wall in the antique shop to take them up to the register. I could tell that the frames were real wood, I could see it through the paper on the back in one spot. I was also impressed with the matting and framing–you could tell that they had been professionally framed.


When I first spotted them in the antique shoppe, I was thinking how nice they would look in the hallway that’s just off my downstairs living room.

Paneled Living Room, Judges Paneling


Here’s how they look hanging. I placed one on this side near the door going down to the basement/terrace level.

Framed Bird Prints for Paneled Hall


The other one is catty-corned across near the door leading to the half bath.

Art for Paneled Hallway, Bird Prints


A few closeups of the prints…

Gold-Framed Bird Prints


I love the sweet images–makes my bird-loving heart so happy!

Bird Prints


Bird Prints, Color


These are triple matted, love the colors they chose for the matting.

Triple Matted Prints


I didn’t notice it until I got home, but the other print has some wrinkling along the bottom.

Framed Bird Prints


That’s okay–in this somewhat dark hallway, it’s barely noticeable. Honestly, the framing alone was worth the cost which was $49.50 each.

Birdie Prints, Matted and Framed


Something I thought about as I was creating this post is how the prints continue the nature/birding theme of this Thibaut wallpaper here in the half bath. I still love this wallpaper as much as the day it was first installed. Thibaut makes some really beautiful, unique wallpaper designs.

Thibaut Wallpaper, Brandywine


When exiting the bathroom, this is the view. It’s in the 70’s here today so I have the doors open to the screened porch, that’s why the lighting is so bright on one of the prints in this photo. You can really see the colors of the matting. The light is also shining in from the window in the powder room. I had thought about hanging them one over the other–on one of the walls, but when I held them up it looked way too crowded. I do like how they look catty-corned on opposite walls.

Decorating with Bird Wallpaper and Bird Prints


Here’s a more accurate picture with the door to the screened porch pushed closed a bit. I don’t want the prints to fade so until the leaves come out on the trees in the backyard, I should probably keep that door pushed partially closed. Once the leaves leaf out, it will be much shadier on the porch and I don’t think I’ll have to worry about the light.

Pheasant Wallpaper, Thibaut, Bird Prints


Here’s the view from the kitchen into the living room now. I love how the gold frames add a bit of shimmer and light to this passageway.

View into Living Room, Bird Prints, Paneled Walls


Thanks for encouraging me to go back for them! What do you think, do you love them here?

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Author: Andy Edwards