Love These Starry, Bright Solar Pathway Lights & They Were Super Easy To Install

Solar Lights Add Safety and Beauty to Paths and Walkways

In years past, I have tried solar lights on my deck posts in the back of my home. I loved how they looked but unfortunately, my backyard receives almost constant shade during the summer months, so after a couple of years, the lights stopped working. I came across these solar lanterns recently and the reviews looked really good, so I decided to give them a try in my front yard which gets tons of sunlight each day.

Solar Lights for Paths and Walkways


I didn’t start unboxing the lanterns until about 30 minutes before dark, but they were so easy to assemble and activate, I had all 8 of them activated and out in the space of about 20 minutes. I was surprised and delighted to see them brightly working right out of the box. I guess they must be charged before leaving the factory. It’s so nice that they do that because you get to enjoy them right away.

Beautiful Solar Lights for Pathways


These are the lights that I purchased here: Solar Lights for a Beautifully Lit Path or Walkway. I really love how they look–love the starlight design they create along my front pathway! It’s amazing how much ambiance beautiful lighting can give to the front of a home. Initially, I planned to alternate the lanterns from side to side along the walkway, but since the magnolia tree takes up so much space on the left side of the walkway, I started off by placing four lights down the right side of the path.

Solar Lights for Paths and Walkways


Once I got past the magnolia that comes up to the edge of the walkway, I started alternating them from side to side for the rest of the walkway. I really like how it turned out, I think the overall look is much more interesting with the lights along the right side at the start, then as you round the curve in the walkway past the magnolia, the lights change and alternate the rest of the way to the front porch.

Light a path with solar lights


I’m obsessed with the star design they throw out on the walkway! They are just so pretty!

Solar Lights Add Safety and Beauty to Paths and Walkways


I had an abrupt wake-up call this morning. My security alarm went off this morning shortly after 5 am. It took me a while to figure out what was going on. After a bit of research, I discovered when the painter was painting the garage door–the one that enters into my breakfast room from the garage, he painted right over the connections in the door and the surrounding casing. So the contacts were no longer making proper contact. I’m amazed it worked and let me activate it last night before turning in. I guess once the paint dried up and hardened, the connection became broken.

Solar Lights for Path or Walkway


Anyway, I was amazed to look out this morning and see all the lights still aglow since I have them all turned up on the highest setting. I didn’t think they would last the entire night with them set on the highest setting, but they did! So straight out of the box, they lasted the entire night!  I noticed they were still going strong when I went to bed around midnight–I love looking out at them from inside the house. I just never expected to see them all still lit and glowing strong this morning at 5 AM!

Light a walkway with solar lights


I purchased two sets (they come in sets of 4) to cover the full length of my long, curving walkway. If you have a shorter walkway, you may only need a single set. You’ll find them available here: Solar Lights for a Beautifully Lit Path or Walkway.

Solar Lights for Paths and Walkways


Hope your Friday is off to a great start. Happy Weekend!

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Author: Andy Edwards