Let’s Go Antiquing!

It’s time, time to go antiquing! Grab your water bottle, and your bag, and let’s go! We’re headed off to the Marietta Antique Mall for this antiquing excursion!

Trunk Coffee Table: $250. In the first booth I entered, I came across this really cute coffee table designed to look like a suitcase or trunk. It would be so cute almost anywhere but I could really see it in a vacation home or a lake house.


The Prodigal: $189. I’ve really started noticing art pieces now when I’m out shopping.  This doggie print was adorable. It’s called “The Prodigal.”


English Oak Tudor Style Table: $445. Beautiful table—love the pedestal base.


Here’s a view of the top. Looks to be in great condition for its age.


Back in the day, talking like 20+ years ago, I was obsessed with collecting a tea caddy. They were all super expensive back then–when you could find them. There was one antique shop about 20 minutes away that always had a bunch in one of the booths and I would always check that booth out in hopes of finding one in my budget. Unfortunately, the caddies were always way more than I could afford to spend. It took several years but I did eventually find one in my budget, can’t remember where I found it now. You can see it there on the coffee table in this photo. One of my grandsons was fascinated by it during their last visit here.

Lamp for a Paneled Living Room


English Tea Caddy with Shell Inlay: $295. After all those years of wanting a tea caddy before I was finally able to find one in my budget, they still catch my eye when I come across them. This one was really beautiful with a pretty inlaid shell design on the top and the price was pretty reasonable, especially compared to what I was seeing many years ago.


Here’s how the interior looked.


Table with 2 Leaves: Was $275, now $135. What a great price for this table!


The table was set with this C.H. Haviland Limoges dinnerware dating back to 1900-1941.


Here’s what the set includes for $275.


This green table with palm-leaf chairs would be great on a small screened porch.


Not sure how much it was, I didn’t notice a tag.


Love this china pattern!


It’s Spode and I think the pattern is Silk Roses. I believe it was $72 for 6 luncheon plates–if I’m reading the ticket correctly.


Blue Willow Wine Glasses: Have you ever seen Blue Willow wine glasses? I never even knew these existed.


I barely resisted bringing these home! I forgot to get the price on those.


Beaded milkglass. I didn’t get the prices on each piece but the lidded candy dish on the left was $24.


18-pc Staffordshire Old Britain Castles: $65.


Painted Shelf with chicken-wire back and sides: $275. I loved the design of this piece…the way the shelves became deeper going from the top to the bottom.


Williamsport Furniture Co. Edwardian Gentleman’s Valet Dresser 1890-1910: $1200. This Gentleman’s Valet Dresser was so interesting! Notice all the different wood designs on the doors and panels! I can’t imagine how much work went into making this piece! Did you notice the mirror on the part that lifts up? I can see how this would have been such a functional piece back in the day. I can just imagine a gentleman standing in front of the mirror tying his tie or arranging his hat just so.


Antique Console with ornamental Trim (2 pcs, married) Was $725, Now $600. Another really unique piece…that’s what I love about antiquing. You never know what you will discover!


1800’s Oak Carved Vaisselier, France: $2,400. This piece really catches your eye with the contrast of the white dinnerware against the darker wood.



This sideboard was already sold.


China Cabinet: $260. Great price for this china cabinet/bookcase.


Didn’t see a price on this secretary. It really looks like a piece that would have been used on a daily basis to handle business back in the day.


Bag Made from Candy Wrappers: This cracked me up…do you remember making bracelets and belts with candy wrappers? Just imagine how long this must have taken to make…and how many candy bars had to be eaten!


I always get nostalgic when I see old books like this. When I was growing up, I had one Happy Hollister Book–can’t remember the name of it now. Seems like it had hand drawings in the very back of the book showing how to “sign” the alphabet. A friend and I tried to learn each letter so we could sign each other messages in class without getting in trouble for talking. lol


Did you read any of these growing up?


I went a bit crazy taking photos inside the “lamp” booth. I took so many photos, I’m going to share those in another post or this post would be way too long. David, the owner of Flourish Antiques, designs and builds lamps from the ground up, and he had his booth stocked up really well! I always love seeing what new lamps he has designed and built. Looking forward to sharing those in an upcoming post real soon!

Beautiful Custom Designed Table Lamps


Did you see anything that would have come home with you on this trip? There were several items that tempted me including two botanical prints and a small chest, but I managed to resist. Barely!

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Author: Andy Edwards