How to Stop a Gas Lantern From Blowing Out On Really Windy Days

Curb Appeal with Gas Lantern and Outdoor Lighting

I have a gas lantern in front of my home that I had installed 20+ years ago. When I first had it installed, the lantern company estimated the cost to run it would be around $12-14 per month–and it was. Definitely worth it for the ambiance it adds to the front of my home.

How to Fix a Gas Lantern Going Out


Years later, when gas prices went up drastically, I turned it off for much of the year. I was also having an issue with it where the flame would sometimes go out on super windy days. It was annoying to have to keep relighting it whenever we had a really windy day. Over the past few years I’ve been lighting it a few days before Halloween to enjoy through Halloween and the holiday season, usually turning it back off in January.

Curb Appeal with Gas Lantern and Outdoor Lighting


I really miss seeing it lit throughout the the year. As we’re moving into autumn and the fall/winter holidays, I decided to go ahead and relight it. I did a search online for any suggestions on how to stop a lantern from blowing out during high winds and guess what I discovered? The wind guard on my lantern has been on upside down all this time! Argggh!

Stop Gas Lantern from Blowing out in Wind


Turns out, if you can see the tip of the burner poking up above the top of the wind guard, that means the wind guard is on upside down. I didn’t think to take a photo when it was on upside down, but if you’re interested, you can see how that looks in THIS 2-minute video. That video also has several other helpful tips, like how to clean the burner tip.

Stop Gas Lantern from Blowing Out in Wind


I flipped the wind guard over and now the burner tip is no longer visible.  I think it may have even enhanced/emphasized the shape of “Oak-Leaf” flame, as well. I haven’t had any blowouts since I flipped the wind guard over, so I hope it’s fixed for good. We’ll see how it performs on a super windy day–we’ve only had a few mildly windy days since I flipped the wind guard over, but it did great on those days.

Stop Gas Lantern from Blowing out in Wind


Just wanted to share this in case there are others out there with gas lanterns who have run into this issue. Really looking forward to the holiday season this year!

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Author: Andy Edwards