Garage Storage Cabinets, Progress Has Been Made But There’s Been a Few Glitches

Beachy China Dinnerware

Welcome to the 708th Metamorphosis Monday!

As I type this, I’m waiting for the second garage door repairman to arrive. Hopefully, I can get this post up before he arrives. I will have to create a post sharing all the things that have had to be done and redone multiple times so you’ll know life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns up in here. Ha! Seems like every project I embark on has had a major glitch (or ten) along the way–well, except for the garage flooring. That went off without a hitch. Thank goodness!

Soooo, here’s how my dish storage in the garage used to look. I had 6 storage cabinets down this wall of the garage.

Cabinets for Storage, Garage, Basement, Laundry Room, Home


I liked this a lot but unfortunately, the cabinet on the far left was starting to show some wear since it’s right up against the wall by the garage door. Garage doors are not hermetically sealed so moisture can creep in that wee opening running down either side of the garage door. Since I was going to move everything out of the garage for this renovation, this seemed like a good time to change things up a bit.


Here’s how that wall looks now. Instead of having six cabinets on that wall, there are just five now. Did you notice the configuration has changed, also?

SystemBuild Cabinets in Garage


With just five cabinets down this wall now, I no longer have a cabinet so close to where the garage door opens.

Cabinets for the Garage


Here’s how the storage looks inside, so far. I’ll create another post sometime soon sharing some closeups with more information in case you’re interested to see exactly what’s stored here. When I rearranged the cabinets for the garage makeover, I also added another 2-drawer cabinet to the mix. I have napkins stored in the drawers of the other cabinets and wanted one more cabinet with drawer space since my napkin storage is getting pretty tight.

Dish Storage


With an additional cabinet here in the garage, I decided to move this beachy china that was stored on the shelves of an island I have in my laundry room, to the garage. Now the laundry room island shelves are holding large platters that were formerly stashed away in two different pantries.

Beachy China Dinnerware


Two cabinets that used to be on the side wall of the garage are now on the front wall, along with two new cabinets I just recently added. Unfortunately, there is something wrong with the hinges on the two new cabinets, plus I need more shelves for one of them. I’ll share more about that storage once I have it all sorted out.

Waiting on Missing Shelves


One cabinet on this wall will hold charger plates, as shown.

Charger Plate Storage


The charger plates used to live inside this 2-drawer storage cabinet. I didn’t have enough space for all of the charger plates, so three sets (bark-edged, beachy driftwood chargers, and extra-large grapevine chargers) were stored on top of a cabinet.

Charger Plates Storage


Now they all fit here in this one cabinet. Yay!

Charger Plate Storage


Previously I only had one cabinet for glassware. Once I get additional shelves for the cabinet to the right, I’ll have two cabinets for glassware–with room to spare.

Shelving for Glassware


Here’s how the paper towel storage dispenser looks with the cabinets in place. Try to imagine this view with doors on the charger cabinet to the right. lol

Paper Towel Holder for Garage


I really, really love this paper towel dispenser and it’s getting a ton of use already!

Paper Towel Holder, Perfect for Garage


I didn’t show the other wall of the garage, the one with windows, since it’s covered in plastic still. The painter will be back tomorrow to hopefully finish up this week. Looking forward to sharing the completed garage sometime soon!

SystemBuild Cabinets in Garage


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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Author: Andy Edwards