Garage Renovation with New Flooring, New Storage, New Paint and New Lighting

Potting Bench for the Garage

Welcome to the 709th Metamorphosis Monday!

It was a long time coming but I finally have all the cabinets back in the garage and filled back up. Before I share the “After” here’s a little reminder of where we started. The garage walls were in need of a fresh coat of paint and much better lighting  that the builder-grade lights that had been here for 40 years.


Previously, I had 6 dish storage cabinets down one of the side walls of the garage. This had worked great except for the cabinet on the far left. Over a period of 4 years of being shoved against that corner near the opening of the garage, it was starting to show some wear on the bottom shelf. Apparently, moisture was occasionally coming in through the small opening between the garage door and the wall. So I decided early on that I’d move that one cabinet to the front wall of the garage once the makeover was complete.


This is how the garage looked after its makeover–so much lighter and brighter!

Full Garage Makeover, New Floor, Paint, and Lighting


The flooring has to be my favorite part of this transformation. I had no idea it could make sure a difference! The garage feels so much cleaner now.

Garage Before and After, Garage Makeover


Paint definitely helps transform a room inside a home, but for a garage transformation, for me–the flooring is the key factor. There are no words to explain how much I love this flooring! So how does the garage look now with the cabinets back in place?

Granite Garage Flooring, Garage Makeover


Here’s the view looking in…a bit shadowy this morning since these photos were taken early this morning and the sun was hiding behind the clouds.

Garage Renovation, New Flooring, New Lighting, New Paint


I knew when I moved that single cabinet to the front wall of the garage, I would need to add a couple more to go with it. A single cabinet alone would have looked really odd on that wall all by itself. After sitting down and plotting out what type of additional storage would work best for my needs, I ended up buying 3 additional cabinets–1 style with drawers and 2 without.

Garage Makeover with New Flooring, Lighting and Paint


The one I purchased with drawers ended up on along the side wall of the garage. So now I have 3 with drawers and 2 without on this side wall. I’m looking forward to sharing how I’m using them in a future post.

Awesome Garage Storage


I also purchased two additional cabinets without drawers. Those ended up here on the front wall along with two that had previously been along the side wall.

Garage Storage


I added something else along this side wall of the garage–do you see it there on the far right?

Garage Storage Cabinets


Since I have one less cabinet on this wall now, I ended up with this little spot by the door that turned out to be perfect for this umbrella holder I’ve had for many years. Previously, the holder was in the laundry room that’s just to the left once you enter in through the garage door. I think I found it in Old Time Pottery, I’ve had it so long that it’s hard to remember. It’s nice and heavy so very supportive and won’t tip over, but I’d like to find a cuter one for this spot.

Umbrella Holder for Garage


I placed my tallest/biggest lanterns across the top of the new cabinets on the front wall of the garage. They look cuter there in person than they do in photos. Most of the smaller lanterns are stored in one of the new cabinets below. I’ll create a separate post sharing what’s inside each cabinet real soon. I’m still adjusting the spacing of the doors on these cabinets so don’t look too closely at those. lol

Garage Storage


The doors have taken 10 years off my life this go around. Argggh! After working countless hours out here trying to get them to lock down and attach properly, I finally decided there was something wrong with the hinges. Back Story: When the first new cabinet arrived, the one with drawers, there were 3 defects/issues: a bad cam screw, two bad K panels (side panels for the drawers) and a hinge that was missing a screw. When I called for replacement parts, the customer service person I was talking with said she would send out those three parts and would also send out 6 new hinge sets. Ummm, Oookayyy. I mentioned I wasn’t having an issue with the hinges but thanked her for offering to send those since it would be good to have them on hand.

Ha! Wouldn’t you know, the next two new cabinets I ordered, the two without drawers, the hinges were a blooming disaster. They would not properly lock into place no matter how many gazillion adjustments I made. I’ve previously put 7 of these cabinets together without having any hinge issues, so this definitely wasn’t my first rodeo! After I couldn’t get the hinges to work on the two new, drawerless cabinets, I wondered if she had been getting a lot of customers calling with hinge issues. I used up the 6 new hinges she had previously sent on one of the new drawerless cabinets and called them back for another 6 replacement hinges for the 2nd new “drawerless” cabinet.

I closely examined one of the old non-working, non-locking hinges (the hinge on the far left) against the new replacement ones she sent and I could only find one small difference.

Ameriwood SystemBuild Hinges


Notice the tiny white spacer thing on the “bad” hinge on the left. The opening of that little white thing faces a different way than it does on the working hinges that you can lock into place.

Hinge Difference, SystemBuild Defective Hinge


Here’s an even closer view. I have no idea if that’s why they weren’t working, but I noticed the new hinges that I received that do work, have that little white thing opening/facing a different direction.

Hinges that don't work for SystemBuild Cabinets


I’m still absolutely loving the paper towel dispenser! I’ve used it so much since I added it to the side of this cabinet, I figured it was probably getting time to refill it. I opened it up and it’s still practically full! It holds a ton of paper towels–and they were so inexpensive. I won’t need to buy more for ages! (Paper towel dispenser is available here: Paper Towel Dispenser.)

Garage Tool Chest, Standing Tool Chest


Not sure if I’ll hang the wood flag I made so long ago back on this wall where it used to hang. I’m taking my time deciding what I place back on the walls–just enjoying the clean openness of everything right now.

Paper Towel Dispenser for Garage, Garage Organizer for Screws, Nails, etc....


The potting bench is back in its original spot, along with the painted bunny window above. The bunny window looks better hanging in front of an actual window, of course, but I love it here with the potting bench.

Potting Bench for the Garage


Here’s another view of the flooring and how it looks against other objects here in the garage.

Granite Garage Flooring


One of the things that made this makeover soooo much easier was this amazing stud finder. It worked like a dream and helped me locate the studs (for securing the cabinets) the first time, every time. (Stud Finder is available here: Stud Finder.)

Wall Stud Finder


Also, this cart saved me a gazillion trips! When it was time to bring the dishes back out, I would load it up in the dining room with dishes, push it over to the garage door and start unloading it. I can’t imagine how many trips I would have made without it! It also came in handy when I was adding the doors back to the cabinets. I pulled it over to whichever cabinet I was working on at that moment and it held the tools, hinges, etc…. that I needed as I worked. It also held the few glasses or dishes I needed to remove as I attached the doors. (I didn’t want to risk my hand slipping and breaking anything.) I wish I had purchased this cart many years ago, it’s amazing how much I’ve used it since buying it. (Cart is available here: Heavy Duty Cart.)

Favorite Cart


The painter still has to return to repaint the four shutter panels, but other than that, the garage is finished. Yay! It feels great to pull in and not have to worry about running over cabinet doors that are still laying on the floor. Ha! I have SO MANY stories from this renovation! It’s times like this I wish I made YouTube videos because they would be a lot more fun to share that way. Let’s not think about the hail storm that came during the time my car was still living outside right after the new flooring was installed! Yup, so many stories! Thankfully it was small hail and not the golfball or baseball size!

Garage Renovation, New Flooring, New Lighting, New Paint


Thanks for coming along on this adventure! Looking forward to opening up these cabinets and giving you a look inside real soon!

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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Author: Andy Edwards