Fortnum & Mason Hamper Used As a Side Table, Great Place to Hide Throws & Pillows

Fortnum & Mason Hamper used as End Table

Welcome to the 711th Metamorphosis Monday! Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a fabulous start! A week or so ago I shared the arrival of a Fortnum and Mason Hamper I had purchased, along with the goodies that I chose to go inside. I ended up creating my own bespoke hamper to get the size hamper and the contents I really wanted.

Fortnum & Mason Delectable Haul


When I first placed my order for one of their hampers, I decided to go with the “Large size” hamper with an idea of how it could be possibly be used in the future. Of course, he could be reused to pack something away for a trip, but I had something else in mind.

Fortnum & Mason Large Hamper Measurements


I’ve often thought about placing a small table alongside this chair here in my upstairs living room/bonus room. It definitely wasn’t an urgent need but the spot just seemed to be calling for a little table–a place to set a book or a drink when sitting in that chair.


I was hoping a large Fortnum & Mason hamper would work out to be about the right size and height and it is!

Fortnum & Mason Hamper Makes Great Chairside Table


I briefly thought about having a piece of glass cut to go on top, similar to the what I’ve done with this very old bound newspapers given to me by my sister over 30 years ago.

Blue and White Lamp, Denim Sofa


Ultimately, I decided against that since the book table and the hamper table are only a few feet away from each other. Instead, I decided to order a large tray to go on top.


Tray for Fortnum & Mason Hamper Basket


I chose one that was somewhat rustic and a size that I thought would fill almost the whole top of the hamper.

Fortnum & Mason Chairside Table, End Table with Tray


I specifically wanted it to have black handles thinking that would look nice with the black F & M logo on the side of the hamper. (Tray is available here: Wood Tray.)

Tray on Fortnum & Mason Hamper


Unfortunately, the tray that arrived had a really noticeable defect in the finish right on top in a very obvious spot. It looked as if it had gotten chipped or damaged during the manufacturing process and then they just tried to cover it up with stain.

Rustic Style Wood Tray with Black Handles


So, I decided to return it for two reasons: 1. The booboo on top that I knew would drive me nuts, and 2. I wasn’t sure I liked how much of the top of the hamper the tray covered up. I’ve decided to look for a similar rustic style tray with black handles, but in a round shape so more of the top of the hamper will be visible. Also, I think a round tray will contrast nicely against the rectangular shape of the top.

Fortnum & Mason Chairside Table, End Table with Tray


Another fun idea I got was to add “feet” to the four corners of the hamper. I just have them propped underneath for this photo. II like how the feet raise the hamper up a bit and give it a more “finished” look. What do you think of the feet?

Fortnum & Mason Hamper used as End Table


If I end up using the wood feet, I was thinking I could use velcro on the hamper and on the feet to hold them on or perhaps try attaching them with the hardware/screws that came with the feet. They could probably even be super-glued on, although I don’t think I’d want to put glue on my F & M hamper. (Wood feet are available here: Wood Feet.)

Fortnum & Mason Hamper, reuse as End Table


One thing I want to point out is if you end up ordering a large Fortnum & Mason hamper (Hampers can be ordered here: Fortnum and Mason Hamper) and wish to use it as a side table, it’s possible to close the leather straps without actually hooking them together. That’s how I have them in the photo below. Then the hamper could be used to store extra throws, books, knitting, pillows, etc… inside. Those things would be super easy to access by just temporarily sitting the tray aside. I don’t think I’d do that if a piece of glass was being used on top–I think it would be too heavy to move on a regular basis. But with a tray on top, it would be a quick and easy way to access the contents. I LOVE the idea of storing throws and other goodies inside.

Fortnum Mason Hamper, Leather Straps Open


I’ve been looking at round trays online and I found some really cute ones.

Fortnum & Mason Hamper Makes Great Chairside Table


This is one of the round trays I’m considering for the top of the hamper. Its nautical motif would work well in this room that already has touches of nautical decor. It comes in two sizes and the 12-inch size should be perfect for holding a drink. It’s available with and without handles. Of course, without handles would make it easier to rest a book atop, but I love the look with the handles. This tray is available here: Wood Tray.

Nautical wood tray


Here’s another really cute one from the same shop. I especially love the handles on this one! It’s available here: Round tray with Rustic Handles.

Wood Tray with Coffee Design Motif


I really like the trays that have black metal hardware/accents. I think that will look great with the F & M logo on the front of the hamper. This tray is available here: Round Tray with Black Handles.)


So, those are the trays I’m now considering for the top of my hamper. What do you think, did you have a favorite? Did you like the hamper with the wood feet underneath, or without feet?

If you would like to see my previous post where I shared what I chose to go inside my Fortnum & Mason hamper, you’ll find that post here: It’s Here–My Fortnum & Mason Bespoke Hamper Has Arrived!.

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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Author: Andy Edwards