Even Better Than I Expected! Love It When That Happens!


It is sooo nice when you order something online and when it arrives, you discover it’s even better than you had expected. That’s pretty much the way it always is when I order from L.L. Bean. So many things have changed over the years with so many companies going out of business or just not offering the same level of goods or services that they have in the past. L.L. Bean is one of the few companies where I’ve not seen any sign of that.

Recently I shared these two sweaters below with you when I ordered them as a gift for my son for Christmas. I always like to start my holiday shopping a bit early, especially if I come across a great sale.


Living in a state where they get snow several times during the winter and the winters can be quite cold, I knew he would enjoy these. I was thrilled to find they were both on sale!


They arrived this past week and they are so much prettier in person than in the photos depicted online. I brought them into the upstairs bonus room and laid them here on the window seat for these photos so you could see how pretty they are in natural lighting. I knew they would be nice but I had no idea they would be this beautiful! I love them and I think my son will, too! I just checked and both sweaters are still on sale. You’ll find this snowflake sweater on sale here: Snowflake Sweater.

Men's Winter Sweater on sale


Just wanted to share these with you while the sale is still going on in case you or someone on your Christmas list could use a gorgeous sweater for autumn or winter this year. You’ll find this sweater on sale here: Fair Isle Sweater. A lot of the women’s sweaters are currently on sale, too. You’ll find those here: Winter Sweaters on Sale.

Men's Winter Sweater Sale, Great Christmas Gift


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Author: Andy Edwards