Emily in Paris Inspired Table Setting with Cheesecake for Dessert!


Welcome to the 697th Tablescape Thursday!

Are you an Emily in Paris fan? I do not subscribe to Netflix so had never heard of the series until I received an email from Brenda. Brenda said, “I was excited about this table setting as we are paying tribute to the show Emily in Paris. We were testing different cheesecakes for the bakery side of our business for Peaceful Valley Farm. We even make the candles that you see.”

After receiving Brenda’s email, my curiosity was peaked! I’ve always wanted to visit Paris. I did a bit of online research and apparently, the show has created a bit of controversy because of how it portrays the French culture/people. I ended up purchasing the first season via Amazon in hopes of enjoying some beautiful Paris scenery and fashion. (See the series here: Emily in Paris.)

Emily in Paris Dinner Party


I really enjoyed the bits of Paris we get to see throughout the first season, as well as the beautiful Paris fashions. I wasn’t too impressed with how Emily dresses throughout the show, though. Maybe they are really trying to play up the “fish out of water” theme for Emily’s character because her outfits are pretty wild and not at all what I expected her to be wearing while in Paris. Have you watched any of the show? If so, what did you think?

Brenda set such a fun “Emily in Paris” inspired table!

Emily in Paris Themed Dinner Party, Valentine's Day Tablescape


Let’s take a close look at all the beautiful details!

Emily in Paris Table Setting


I love the salad plates Brenda chose for this table. They are perfect for an Emily in Paris theme.

Valentine's Day Table, Emily in Paris Table Setting


Fashion Salad Plates for Emily in Paris Tablescape


You can’t have an Emily in Paris table without an Eiffel Tower centerpiece!

Valentine's Day Table, Emily in Paris Themed Table



Eiffel Tower Centerpiece for Emily in Paris Table


Brenda made the wineglass candles herself! We need a tutorial for that, don’t we! I remember when I was a child, a friend invited me to her home for a candle-making project. I was only around 9-10 years old so I don’t remember much about it, but I do remember it was a lot of fun!

Emily in Paris Inspired Tablescape


Oh, what’s this? Notice the blinged-out handle on the cake cover! I wonder if Brenda crafted the handle…super fancy!

Eiffel Tower Dessert for Emily in Paris Dinner


For dessert, we’re having an “Emily in Paris” cheesecake!

Emily in Paris Inspired Table


Sooo pretty!

Paris Cake, Eiffel Tower


Look at all those yummy layers! That crust looks amazing!

Eiffel Tower Dessert


What’s this? Another dessert?

Valentine's Day Dessert, Emily in Paris Table


Wow! This would be so perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Beautiful Dessert for Valentine's Day


Brenda’s cheesecakes are available at her Peaceful Valley Farm Market, HERE, but I’m guessing they can’t be shipped. I’m not sure if it’s possible to ship a cake. Wonder if they could be frozen and then shipped. Can you freeze cheesecake? Ummm…not sure. Maybe Brenda can leave a comment letting us know if they are able to ship their cakes/desserts.

Valentine's Day Dessert


Thanks so much to Brenda for sharing this beautiful Emily in Paris themed table setting! Have you watched the series? If so, how do you like it? Did it make you want to travel to Paris one day?

Emily in Paris Inspired Tablescape


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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Author: Andy Edwards