Dinnerware, Glassware and Napkin Ring Storage Ideas

Dishware Storage Ideas

Welcome to the 727th Tablescape Thursday!

For this week’s Tablescape Thursday, we’re taking a peek inside the nine storage cabinets I have here in my garage to see what’s stored inside and how it’s all organized. I hope this little storage tour offers up a few ideas for your storage needs.

Garage Renovation with New Flooring, New Lighting, New Paint


Let’s start with the cabinets here on this side wall of the garage. Before we throw back the doors and peek inside the drawers, I want to answer one question I frequently get about this storage space. I’m often asked, “Doesn’t it get too hot or too cold to store your dinnerware here in the garage?”

The answer is, No. The temperature in the garage has always been pretty moderate year around. It never gets extremely hot or extremely cold here in the garage, probably because there’s a heated space/room surrounding four of its six sides. The large bonus/upstairs living room is above the garage, the kitchen is across the front wall, the basement and a finished-in crawl space are underneath and a fairly large laundry room and back staircase runs the entire length of the left wall. So the only two “exposed” walls are the actual garage door itself which faces east and briefly gets the early morning sun and the wall on the right with two windows. That wall faces north and is somewhat protected by a huge magnolia tree just on the other side. So the garage is mostly enveloped by heated/cooled spaces.

Garage Renovation with New Flooring, New Lighting, New Paint


Also, if you think about it, dishes, glassware, and flatware don’t really mind if they get a little hot, humid, or cold. They’ve been designed to cope with the extreme heat of a dishwasher or microwave and the freezing temps of a refrigerator and icy cold drinks. I’ve been keeping dishware, glassware, flatware, napkin rings, and napkins here for 4 years now and they’ve done great. If this storage had not worked out well, I definitely would not have just added three additional cabinets to this space this summer.

Garage Storage Cabinets


One more question I frequently get is, “Do the dishes I store here get dusty or dirty?” The short answer is, “No, they do not.” The cabinets do a great job of preventing that. After 4 years of storing these items here, I’ve had very little, if any dust inside the cabinets. That surprised even me when I moved everything inside for the garage makeover recently. I expected some dust, but there was almost none. The only dust I noticed was on the lower shelf of the cabinet that was squished right up again the wall near the garage door. I’ve moved that cabinet to the front wall now so that should take care of that. If you are thinking of renovating your garage in the future, I highly recommend closed-door cabinets for storing your items.

Garage Storage


Now for the fun part–let’s throw back those doors and play!

Dinnerware, Flatware and Napkin Ring Storage


I have five cabinets down the sidewall of the garage. Starting with the first cabinet on the far left, which happens to be one of the 2-drawer cabinets, you’ll find napkin rings stored in clear storage boxes in the top half of the cabinet. I love, love, love these storage containers because they let me what’s stored inside. This cabinet with its four shelves/8 rows of boxes used to store ALL of my flatware and napkin rings. Recently, I added another cabinet just like this one. That has allowed me to split up the napkin rings and flatware which has worked out beautifully. So now the top half of this cabinet houses just napkin rings which has allowed me to really spread them out a lot more instead of having 3-4 sets of napkin rings squished into each storage container.

About the containers, I initially purchased them from Home Depot 4-5 years ago for just $1 each. When I needed a few more a year or so later, the price had risen to $2 each. This last time I purchased them here in bulk:  Storage Boxes. I just noticed today that the price is actually better when they are purchased individually here: Storage Boxes. Arggg. Wish I had noticed that when I purchased them!

Napkin Ring Storage


In this same 2-drawer cabinet, I’m storing napkins in the drawers below. The top drawer contains napkins in mostly fall/autumn colors. Not sure why I have the pastel napkins in this drawer, maybe I ran out of space in the others back when I first organized these.

Autumn, Fall Napkin Storage


The bottom drawer is filled with napkins in various shades of blue and green. The darker ones on the right side are a deep plum color.

Blue and Green Napkin Storage


The next cabinet, a non-drawer cabinet, is filled with Christmas dishes. Before I added three additional cabinets this summer, I was also storing a lot of my Christmas glassware here along the front of the shelves. Thankfully, that’s no longer necessary which means I don’t have to move glasses around from shelf to shelf to get to the dinnerware.

Christmas Dinnerware Storage

Continuing down the line, the next cabinet, another 2-drawer cabinet, holds more clear storage boxes. The top shelf (top 2 rows of boxes) contains place card holders, while the remaining shelves/boxes are filled with flatware. I have quite a few empty boxes so there’s room for additional sets if something steals my heart in the future.

Flatware Storage


The drawers in this same cabinet again contain napkins. The top drawer holds white, off-white, cream, and yellow colored napkins.

Ivory and White Napkin Storage


The bottom drawer is all about the reds with a little red, white and blue plaid mixed in. Ummm, I may want to move those red, white, and blue plaid napkins over to the third cabinet with drawers–more on that in a sec.

Red Napkin Storage


The next cabinet to the right is filled with dinnerware for various holidays, well except for the first shelf which is filled with Alice in Wonderland dinnerware. Below the AIW shelf, you’ll find all my spring/Easter dinnerware followed by 4th of July, Halloween, and St. Patrick’s Day. The final two shelves toward the bottom of this cabinet are filled with fall/autumn-themed dishes or dinnerware that’s in the colors of autumn.

Holiday Dishware, Holiday China Storage


The very last cabinet in this row of cabinets contains the first dinnerware I ever purchased after adding on a screened porch in 2008. I remember it so well because I wanted a special set that felt perfect for dining on a porch. I came across this dinnerware in Kohl’s and bought the whole set, including the glasses they had paired with it. I still love it after all these years. Other than the glasses, I’ve been storing this dinnerware on the shelves of the large island in my laundry room, but with the addition of three new cabinets here in the garage, I decided to move it here and now those island shelves are holding all my large platters that were previously tucked away in two pantries.

Aqua Beachy Dinnerware, Storage Ideas


See that big white fish at the very back of the third shelf? I have another one just like that one–somewhere, but can’t locate him for the life of me! lol I know I haven’t dropped or broken him over the years, but I have no idea where he’s hiding. He’ll go on the other side of the bowls facing inward toward his buddy, once I find him. The mermaid on top and the fish were some of the smaller items I once had stored atop the cabinets. With the addition of new cabinets, I’ve been able to store some of those items inside the cabinets.

Aqua Beachy Dinnerware, Storage Ideas


Since I now have two additional drawers for storage, I gathered together all of my napkins that are pretty much only used for holiday settings. The far left row contains 4 sets of “Easter” napkins and two sets for St. Patrick’s Day. The next row over holds two sets for Halloween and a star-covered set that mostly gets used for the 4th of July or patriotic settings. The last row is filled with napkins that I only pull out for Christmas.

Holiday Napkin Storage


How about those cabinets along the front wall of the garage–what will we find in those?

Garage Storage


Two of these cabinets were originally along the side wall of the garage but I did a bit of rearranging when I added three new cabinets.

Dishware Storage Ideas


Again, starting on the far left, the first cabinet contains all my charger plates except for one really wide, grapevine set that’s just too big to fit inside and have the cabinet doors close properly. I rarely use that set because the charger plates are sooo big. I have those tucked into the bottom of my pantry inside the kitchen. But all my other charger plates fit comfortably in this cabinet, including the two shell/sea glass sets I made many years ago.

Charger Plate Storage


The next cabinet over is filled with glassware. I’ve tried to arrange the glasses mostly by color, but I had to work with the position of the “fixed” shelf and the many varying heights of the glasses themselves.

Glassware Storage


The next cabinet over holds my collection of pitchers along with those Christmas glasses I moved from the Christmas dinnerware cabinet. I was also able to spread my glassware collection out a bit since I now have two cabinets for glassware storage. The bottom two rows are filled with other small centerpiece items that were originally stored atop the cabinets before the garage renovation. They did great being stored above the cabinets but now that I have the space, I’ve moved them inside a cabinet.

Glassware, Pitcher and Lantern Storage


The final cabinet here along the front wall of the garage is the cabinet that used to be right up against that section of wall that’s right by the garage door. This shelf was starting to show some weathering along the bottom shelf since there’s a narrow opening where the garage door meets the wall of the garage. Unfortunately, garage doors aren’t hermetically sealed. 😉 So that’s why I decided to move this cabinet to the front wall and away from the opening of the garage. This cabinet holds miscellaneous sets, sets I don’t use that often but still love and do use on occasion.

China, Dinnerware Storage


All the dinnerware, glasses, flatware, and napkin rings you’ve seen today have been collected over the past 12-13 years. I rarely buy dishes today since I have enough to set a nice variety of tables, mixing and matching the various patterns. I still love picking up a new set of napkin rings, napkins, or flatware on occasion…or even a new piece that I think would look great as a centerpiece. Recently, I donated a few napkins I just never found myself using, but for the most part, everything gets used throughout the year for the tables I set for you, my family, and friends.

So that’s how I’m using the storage cabinets, including the three new cabinets, here in the garage. This storage system works great for setting tables for Tablescape Thursday or for entertaining. My breakfast room/kitchen is just inside the garage door, the screened porch is just off of the breakfast room and the dining room is just off of the kitchen. This storage makes it easy to access those things I frequently need/use when setting the table or creating a new table setting for Tablescape Thursday.

Garage Renovation with New Flooring, New Lighting, New Paint


I hope you found this little Tablescaping storage tour helpful. Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments below. I’m looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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