An Easy Way to Store and Display Your Summer and Winter Scarves

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Do you love wearing a scarf–a woolly warm scarf for winter, or an airy, bright scarf in the spring or summer? My winter scarves tend to get worn a lot more than my summer ones, probably because this girl can’t stand being cold for even a minute. lol I think I would wear my summer scarves a lot more if I had them displayed in my closet where I could actually see them more easily, instead of tucked down at one end of the closet on a scarf hanger.

In a previous post, I shared some small, silk Twilly scarves that I was in the process of steaming to remove wrinkles.  Twilly scarves are very small scarves that can be worn in the hair, around the neck, on the wrist, or on the handle of a handbag as a decoration or to protect the handle from sweat, lotion, or skin oils.

In that post, I also shared how I had been previously been storing the few scarves I have collected–in a little craft-type box with dividers. That method has worked okay but it took up shelf space in the cabinets where I love to store my bags and I couldn’t really see the scarves very well. I started thinking last week that there had to be a more pleasing/functional way to store them and I suddenly had an idea.

Hermes Twilly and Dior Mitzah Storage Ideas


You may not have small Twilly scarves in your wardrobe but I’d thought I’d share this storage method because it could work for any type of scarf. In the cabinets where I store my handbags, most just sit on a shelf, and that works great for those bags.

Studded Lady Dior with Dior Book, Handbag Storage with Fashion Books


But a few are displayed on decorative metal hangers designed for holding handbags. Fortunately, I only have three bags that need this type of storage. It dawned on me that I could place a small tension rod across the back of the cabinet to hold the little Twilly scarves. I purchased a small tension rod since the Ikea cabinet I’m using is only around 30 inches wide.

Handbag Storage, Hermes Twilly Storage


Removing the white Saddlebag that was hanging in the middle, we can see that I lucked out and the height of this particular shelf is just right for hanging Twilly and Mitzah scarves, including two longer Mitzah scarves in the center.

Storage and Display for Hermes Twilly, Dior Mitzah


This is a great way to make use of that space in the very back of a closet, or in my case, a cabinet. Tension rods come in various lengths since they are often used for hanging curtains, shower curtains, and various other things. I purchased this small rod here: Tension Rod but you’ll find them in many different styles and lengths here: Tension Rods in Different Lengths.

Handbag Storage, Hermes Twilly Storage


Hope you found this idea helpful for hanging your scarves!

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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Author: Andy Edwards