An Awesome Sale for the Burberry Cason Check Bumbag!

Burberry Bumbag

If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you know I have a thing for handbags. I know handbags are not everyone’s thing but I know from the emails I get that many of you do enjoy the occasional post on that topic. If that’s not your thing, though–just skip today’s post.

Recently I sold some of my items to Fashionphile to make way for a new-to-me bag. I hadn’t planned on getting another bag so soon, but a great deal popped up that I couldn’t pass up. You may have noticed that bumbags are back in a big way. When I first started seeing them all over Instagram, I thought they were probably just a trend, but they have stuck around and don’t appear to be going anywhere. I think it’s because today’s bumbag is “not yo Mama’s” bumbag. lol Today’s bumbags are way more stylish, hold a whole lot more, and are normally worn across the chest or hanging off the shoulder, almost like a shoulder bag. My favorite way to see them worn is across the chest.

I really like the one Burberry came out with a few months back. It’s completely worry-free and if something gets spilled on it or if it gets rained on, it can be wiped right off. When I found it available online for around $150 less than what it normally goes for, I decided to get one knowing I could return it if I didn’t like it or it didn’t hold as much as I needed it to. I’m definitely not returning it–it has totally lived up to the hype! As you can see below, it will hold a lot–actually, it will hold a lot more than what I’m showing below. I just don’t carry that much with me.

Burberry Bumbag on Sale, Holds a lot


You can see there’s plenty more room–even with all the items above inside. There’s also a pocket inside across the back that will hold something like a 6-ring key holder or a credit cardholder. Tons of space!

What does a Burberry Bumbag hold


I love this huge pocket on the back of the bag. It easily holds my large cell phone, even with my phone inside its heavy-duty case. The back pocket is the perfect spot to stash a cell phone and/or a cardholder for really quick access. This bag is ideal for grocery shopping, taking on vacation, or any place where you want to be hands-free but have quick access to your items.

Burberry Bumbag, Pocket on Back for Phone, Credit Cards, etc...


Here’s how it looks on me–so effortless to wear! I love this new check Burberry came out with this past year. They call it “Dark Birch” and I like it even more than the lighter brown/tan colors they use in their heritage house check. The contrast of the Birch Brown against the black and the white is sooo pretty! ♥

Burberry Bumbag


Since you never see Burberry discounted, especially their current season bags, I purchased a second one for my daughter-in-law. It should be great for those mornings when she walks the boys to school, afternoons when they walk to the park, for family hikes, or when they walk to the restaurants that are within walking distance of their home.

If you are a Burberry fan and could use a bag like this one in your rotation, you’ll find it approximately $150 off where I purchased mine, here: Burberry Bumbag. Neiman Marcus also has this bag in stock, but it’s not on sale. You’ll find it at Neiman Marcus here: Burberry Bumbag.

Burberry Check Bumbag Sale, Cason Bumbag


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Author: Andy Edwards