Elegant Spring Table with a Hand-Crafted Centerpiece & a Nod to the Gilmore Girls

Spring Table Setting, Pink and White Floral Centerpiece

Welcome to the 705th Tablescape Thursday! Recently I received an email from a lovely BNOTP reader. Sheri said, “I just created a Spring tablescape for my dining room that I thought I would share with you. It all started with the candle in the centerpiece….

2 Beautiful Tables, A Beautiful, Snowy Christmas Mantel & A Lovely Hand-crafted Church

Beautiful Snowy Winter Themed Mantel

Selamat datang di Tablescape Kamis ke-690! Jackie membagikan meja Thanksgiving-nya yang indah tepat setelah Thanksgiving. Itu sangat cantik, saya tidak sabar menunggu satu tahun lagi untuk membagikannya kepada Anda! Menjadi meja Thanksgiving, Jackie menggunakan skema warna cokelat musim gugur yang indah, merah, krem, dan hijau…