Full Garage Makeover with New Lighting, New Paint and New Flooring!

Garage during painting

Welcome to the 706th Metamorphosis Monday!

There are so many things I would love to share in this post but if I share everything that’s happened through this garage renovation, this post would be a million miles long–and ain’t nobody got time for that! lol Today we’ll just enjoy the transformation which is pretty darn dramatic!

A little back story: Does something ever needle at you and then one day you just snap and think, something has gotta be done and the time is now! My garage has been bugging me for years but for many reasons, it always fell to the bottom of the “To Do” list. There were always other rooms or needs that took priority. Also, it had temporarily turned into a storage room for all my son’s old bedroom furniture after I converted his old room into a home office. Now that those pieces have all found a home again in my two grandson’s bedroom, I felt this sudden urge recently to get the garage in order. It was way past time for a full makeover of this space.

Here’s how the garage looked before the makeover process got underway. See that dark shadow on the center back wall. I think that was where an old “college” refrigerator stood running for about 20 years. Apparently, it left a dark stain on the wall–have no idea why.


I moved the last piece of my son’s bedroom furniture (the large bookcase) inside a few weeks back and the Christmas trees are back in the basement where I used to store them for many, many years. I was ruthless when it came to clearing things out. Anything I came across that wasn’t being used on a daily or weekly basis was either donated or went to the basement. It just didn’t make sense to store stuff here that was rarely being used because the more you store in a garage, the harder it is to keep clean. I used to have two sets of open shelves in the garage. Over the years, I had moved one of those down to the basement for storage. The other one remained in the far right corner near the garage door and was forever looking messy. Leaves and “stuff” would get caught on the shelves whenever I tried to blow out the garage. Those shelves have also been moved to the basement and I have vowed to never have open shelving in a garage again after my experience with those.

Garage Before New Flooring Surface


How does a cement garage floor get to look like this? Sooo many stains. Yuck!

Garage Floor Before Makeover


I actually love this 40-year-old wood garage door–it’s not plastic like so many are today. It’s heavy and sturdy and harkens back to the ’80s when my home was built. Not sure why the inside was never painted since the exterior was when the home was built. Over the years rainwater has dripped down on it and left watermarks in various places. I’ve always wanted to have this side painted since I knew it would help lighten up the garage and would look much better.

Garage Door Before Painting


Speaking of lightening things up, I guess in the 80s, garage lighting wasn’t that important. These lights did the job of lighting up the garage for the purpose of seeing where you were walking, but they were terrible as task lighting.

Old Garage Lighting


One of the first things I did during this makeover was to change out the lighting. It was something I could get done while waiting for my spot on the painting company’s schedule. It made such a dramatic difference and it really ramped up my excitement for the other changes I had planned.

Garage Makeover in Progress


You may remember when I shared this photo as the painting process got underway.

Garage during painting


At first, I thought I would keep the Christmas trees here in the garage since it’s a pain to bring them up from the basement at Christmastime, but in the end, I decided they ruined the clean look I was going for in this space. So to the basement, they went!

Garage Painting, Ceiling Done


Here’s how the garage looked with a fresh coat of paint and the garage door painted. But, oh my gosh, look at that floor! There was nothing like a fresh coat of paint on the walls to highlight just how awful the floor looked. So how did it all turn out? How does the garage look now?

Garage Floor Before Makeover with Epoxy Flooring


It’s a very different place these days! It’s clean, bright and light-filled and I can’t stop looking at it! It’s a place where I really love being now.

Garage Before and After, Garage Makeover


The biggest improvement of all the things I had done are the flooring and the lighting. The painting is nice but I’m in love with this flooring! It’s hard to share just how beautifully bright this space is now–the photo below is the most accurate, although even it doesn’t fully share how bright and happy it feels now.

Granite Garage Flooring, Garage Makeover


Here’s a closer view of the flooring. The color I chose is called Farmhouse Gray. Granite Garage did a great job with the installation. I think I’ll create a separate post to share that process because it’s a two-day process and involving quite a few steps. Oh, and to answer the questions I received about if it’s slippery–definitely not! I’ll share more about that in a future post, but it’s not slippery at all to me.

Epoxy Flooring, Granite Garage


Here’s another view of the flooring showing how it looks in natural sunlight and in the shadows. I LOVE this color soo much! It was my first choice, then at one point, I started to second-guess myself, wondering if it would be too light. Granite Garage graciously came back out with all their samples so I could see them again and I went right back to Farmhouse Gray as my favorite. We should always trust our first instinct, right?

Farmhouse Gray, Epoxy Floor


Over the next week, I’ll be moving all my white storage cabinets back to this wall. I love those cabinets here and they have stayed nice and clean inside over the last two years since they aren’t open shelving.

Garage Makeover, New Paint, Flooring and Lighting


Other than hanging the painted bunny window back on the wall above the potting bench and adding back the white cabinets, this is all I plan to ever store here in the garage. No more open shelving, no more Christmas trees. I want to keep it as sparkling clean as possible! lol Granite Garage left me a bottle of their cleaning solution in case I have any spills/stains. They also offer a reasonably-priced service where they will come out whenever you wish and clean the floor. I like that and I could myself doing that every few years.

Garage Before and After, Garage Makeover


So, we went from this…


To this!

Full Garage Makeover, Flooring, Paint and Lighting


Not sure if I’ll fully recoup the cost of this transformation when I sell my home one day, but I don’t even care. It makes me so happy when I come and go now, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Garage Before and After, Garage Makeover


The guys finished the flooring on Thursday so technically I can begin parking my car in the garage again starting tomorrow.  I think I’ll wait another day or two just to be extra safe. I’m not taking any chances! lol

Granite Garage Flooring, Garage Makeover


Thanks for coming along on this makeover with me–you all said it would be worth it in the end and you were right! Thanks so much for that encouragement along the way. It helped keep me going when my arms and legs were tired from hauling in dishes and cabinets and Christmas trees! Ha!

Garage Before and After, Garage Makeover


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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Author: Andy Edwards